Message to Google:

Up to today, you have removed from Google's search results in Austria all my websites.

When you removed the first website on November 6, 2021, you informed me and allowed me to object.

On May 4, 2022, Google removed both and and you didn’t even inform me, let alone allowing me to object. You just removed it although on your website is clearly mentioned that Google always informs the website owners when their pages are being removed from the search results and is giving them the chance to object!

Initially, in December 2021, you had refused to remove my second website from Austria, but when the lawyer of my wife, Walter Dorn, filed a lawsuit against Google, as himself announced in a document he filed in court on April 4, 2022, you removed it.

Can Google be bullied by a lawyer who is getting paid to lie and deceive in courtrooms?

On January 28, 2019, a Judge of The Austrian Republic, this dishonourable human Andrea Wetschnig, ignored the perjury of my wife, destroyed my life and stole my children only because she knew that one day she'd become a patient in Gailtal-Klinik where my wife and plaintiff in her court Dr Christina Hohenwarter is the Director.
Download here the decision of the Regional Court of Klagenfurt with which this dishonourable Judge was found biased because of her hospitalization in the Gailtal-Klinik.
If you remove again this website or the others, without informing me and even investigating my claims, although, on your website you're promising an investigation before removal, you will not be any better than this dishonourable human Judge Andrea Wetschnig.

You may want to read this book. It's available on Google Books!

When All Else Fails
The Ethics of Resistance to State Injustice
Professor Jason Brennan, Princeton University Press
Google Don't Be Evil

And this here to your left, or above if you browse with a smartphone, was the logo with which Google was founded.
You may want to honour it...

Leyna Sofia Hohenwarter Dorian Alexander Hohenwarter
From January 20, 2019, until today , I've seen my children for only 15 hours. Until today are days
The last time I've seen my children was on December 28, 2020, for only 10 minutes. Until today , are days!
My ex-wife Dr. Christina Hohenwarter, the Director of Gailtal-Klinik, and Judge Andrea Wetschnig, the leading Judge of Hermagor's court, are responsible for this atrocity!